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The self-hosted productivity platform that keeps you in control.

Sync – Share – Collaborate

across devices.

Built in Ransomware protection.

Remote Wipe your device – Mobile or Desktop


Files – Nextcloud Files is an open source file sync and share solution designed to be easy-to-use and highly secure.

Contact – Manage your contacts in one place.

Calendar – easily sync Multiple calendars.

Deck – Kanban (multi-column to-do list)

CoSpend – Group cost tracking

TimeTrack – Create timesheets for your projects.

Polls – Easy polls to plan events or vote on a topic.

Phone Track – Install a tracking app on your phone so you can locate it or share your location with friends while traveling.

Maps – Map your phone and show your photos on a map.

Gallery – Create a photo gallery for your pics.

Social – Participate in the Fediverse, federated social nextworks are here.

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